Thursday, July 28, 2011

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Port Orford Hooray!

I'm going on vacation! I'm going on vacation! Yay!!!!!! Tuesday, I leave for Oregon. I land first in LA, then on another plane for Portland. Bruce--my brother--will pick me up, we'll stay over because it'll be late, then he'll drive to Port Orford on the coast. Whoopee! (His car is stick shift so he has to do all the driving.) I'll be on the west coast for three weeks, but I think the last week will be in LA. (I'm flying home from there and Bruce has to get back to start his fall teaching.) I'll get to see Steve's house that he's made over from scratch. I'm looking forward to that. I don't know if I'll see anything more of LA, not that I care. Been there, done that. I probably wouldn't recognize a TV star at the tip of my nose and they're who's a big deal out there.
Bruce is going to drive down the coast and I know it's beautiful. When Brian was little, we rode the train down that. (It sounds to me as though I'm a big traveler, but I'm not. We've been places on the east and west coasts, although outside of Utah, Arizona, and the left coast states, we've definitely not been everywhere.) I'd love to hit Europe, but I don't think it's going to happen. I don't have the money and even if I could get it, I have no one to go with. Harry isn't interested. He doesn't want to walk much.
Going out to the Oregon shore is my beach time. It's not possible to sit on a folding chair in the ocean like here, but watching it flow in and out is good. It's cool out there. The beaches have natural stones, some huge, on/in them. I brought back natural Jade, Jasper, and a green stone whose name I can't remember. They're not jewelry quality or they have to be sanded or whatever a jeweler does, but they're nice and they feel special whether they really are or not.
I have no pictures, or I can't find them, of my last trip to Port Orford. I'll take more this time. I should have gone up into the attic today and retrieved my carry-on bag. The only thing I really did today was make cornfritters for Harry. He loves them. Maybe I'll go look for my "travel" handbag. That's an activity. Then that will be two activities.



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