Saturday, October 01, 2005

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Kitten Dreaming

Our kitten's breeder called this morning way before I got up and said she had a one-week old Maine Coon red female kitten and a few female patch kittens. I had called her two months ago asking about a red kitten because Moon sits only on Harry's lap, never mine. Calico! That's the word I couldn't remember. I wanted a red kitten then I realized I'd love a calico like we had years ago. Well, not just like because she was high-strung and freaked out when we moved. (I've seen that stuff twice and it's awful.) Anyway, I pretty much called every cat friend I could think of getting advice about having two cats versus one. I've been so sick, I worry. I mean, I'm so well and normal, then suddenly I felt like a vegetable for a month. That's unusual; usually it's a week, although I used to get so tired frequently, I could barely function. One never knows with Lupus. I'm excited about the kitten. Anxious and worried. Moon came not housebroken and pooped all over the house in every corner, and he's destructive too. He was calmer when we had the dog, less needy too, although the dog slept next to me and Moon has always, always tried to get into our bedroom, hide, and sleep there. He's lonely, I think. When we get home after a few hours out, he meets us at the door like a dog and wants to be picked up for ten seconds or so. Then, maybe again in a few minutes, or just fussed over. I think he gets a little freaked when we're gone.
I think I'm done with the small mixed media piece I was working on last night. Moon watched me the whole time. He seems to be fascinated with anything I do, from cleaning the toilet to painting. He used to eat my watercolor brushes, but thank God, he stopped. I can't hide them and I don't want to block doors and all that crap. I wish I could use the scanner and put the piece in. I'll have to take pictures and do it that way. I just have to remember because I have at least three to do, then I'll have to add them to my site and I hope that's not a big deal. It didn't used to be, but since the "new" fixed XP, I can't predict anything, and it's a new "Voyager"--the program I use.



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