Friday, April 27, 2012

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My new knee

My knee has been removed and replaced with a manufactured knee. It's been almost three weeks and lots of physical therapy. The pt hasn't been bad even though most people say it is. I've had it good so far. I was up walking a few hours after surgery, so happy not to feel the excruciating arthritis pained I'd been suffering. Jefferson hospital, the Rothman Clinic, gave me a private room and surprisingly, very tasty food. It was a little vacation made extremely comfortable with a drug cocktail.
Once home, I eschewed rothmans drug prescriptions and relied on percocet and meclizine. Rothman's meds for my home care were not sufficient yet they were just as addictive.
Someone from Jefferson didn't make referrals for my home nursing and physical therapy. Lucky for me our daughter and son in law are nurses. They straightened everything out. So many patients are treated at Rothman, I fell through the cracks.
Despite the lack of perfection across the board, my experience was good. Now I have this new joint and looking forward to many pain free years.



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