Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Use the Mascarpone on Everything!

I'm tired. I'm cooking today and it's something interesting. A spinach quiche-type recipe and Harry is making a good salad. I've been eating a pepper every night to make sure I'm getting the vitamins I need and otherwise stuffing myself. I get headachey and nauseous now sometimes. I think it's just old people's disease. If not, it's mild lupus. Lupus does not leave. It doesn't get cured. However, mine was so mild that now that I'm not under stress, I wouldn't know it's there. Everybody else I know is very sick from it. They have heart, kidney, and systemic problems. They're in and out of hospitals. Their fights with doctors for correct diagnosis never end usually. (Autumn is now on my lap. I'm hoping she'll stay there and not try to lean on the keyboard. Oops! There she goes!)
Harry's calling for me to go into his room to see something on his computer. I don't want to. I really want to lay down. I'm off for the sofa.
I rested then I put together the Spinach-Ricotta Pie. It smells great but I'm now full from Harry's salad. Well I ate a little of it. It was okay, but I didn't like the taste of sour cream on top. Mascarpone would have been better. Of course, Mascarpone is good on everything. Moosewood Cookbooks don't seem to use Mascarpone.

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