Monday, October 03, 2005

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Not sleeping..anxious. Don't want another kitten. Worried. Nervous. Tremor has been back for weeks and now it's hard to use the pointer on here. This computer is screwed up too. Today, when everything got moved--and that was wonderful!--something happened and the computer got messed up. Maybe the moving had nothing to do with it. That's always a possibility. My studio looks so inviting, and this room will be fine too. It's not crowded anymore. I'm so pleased. I should go to bed. The kitten that I wanted, and don't want now, is born. A little teeny weeny red female Maine Coon keep Moon company. He needs company and that's true. He thinks I'm a cat and he frequently attacks me. But who wants to clean kitty litter every day? Well, that's not so bad. It's hard to watch out for little tiny handfuls though. They're so little and delicate. You have to make sure you don't hurt them or that Moon doesn't. Moon pooped in every corner when we got him. He didn't know about kitty litter. Ugh. I don't want to go through that again. It's nice when cats play together...but then you have two throw-uppers, two sneezers, two vet bills. And two cats sharpening their claws on my sofa in my studio. Moon finally learned not to walk on my artwork. Hmm... And not to eat my paintbrushes.



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