Saturday, July 28, 2007

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Good Morning everyone! (anyone) We had a thunder and lightning storm here last night and that means I don't have to water the flowers! Watering a lot of flowers changed my attitude about rain. So! Two things. I'm so happy. I've cut my portions mostly in half and generally stopped eating sugary stuff. I am doing this--here comes number two!--by asking my guardian angel and all my angels, in addition to my family (spirits), my guides, and God, to help me. I'm such a compulsive eater and sugar gobbler, I couldn't do it alone. What seemed to get me started finally was asking my angels to please help me. I think they are. I didn't see or sense them, but I believe I'm getting help. I guess number two "A" is that I went to the pulmonologist yesterday who said my lungs were okay. I don't have fabulous capacity, but apparently lupus does that, and I know it's been that way forever. I'm short of breath and I have a minor heart problem that hopefully will be repaired soon. It's called a shunt, or ASD, just in case somebody else on here has it. Very common. So, time for breakfast here! I forgot! blood first.

Later...We went out to dinner with old friends. It was a new branch of an old Boston restaurant. It was good but not worth $80 for two people. I think any entre over $20 should be marvelous, but they're the same as the old $17 entrees. I know I sound ancient, but I do remember when an entree was a dinner than included salad at least, and it was maybe, $10 at a fine restaurant. At least, I think so. We've been going out to fancy restaurants for about forty years. Our daughter used to sit under the table and now she's forty.

On the way up to the restaurant, I got lost and finally found myself in Lansdale. I was on the Pennsylvania Turnpike's Northeast Extension. I read the signs, but they were so confusing, I thought I was going west. I think Pennsylvania has the worst signs. Of course, lots of places just have none and that's fun too.

We went up on the highways and came back on a good old reliable route that took us right home with relaxed driving. I keep looking for those kind of roads up to and back from Philly. Having to use I-95 is worrisome. So often, there are crashes or work being done on there. Today, there was a woman laying on the grass beside the road with a very smashed up car on the shoulder. At first, I thought she was dead.

Bed is calling, so off I go.



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