Saturday, May 19, 2007

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I've written so little for so long I feel I have to write something now. I was writing/participating in an on-line diet group which turned out to be specialty groups for every interest. I loved the psychic group because their ghost stories were fascinating and I believe them. I started reading Sylvia Brown although I can hardly tolerate her awful writing. I just want to increase my awareness of spirits. I want to be able to sense them, if not the way I used to do, then in dreams. My family does still appear in my dreams and when I ask, Bubba or Jerry give me answers to my questions. It's easy to believe our connections to spirits are imaginary and they may be. The only reason I truly believe is my having seen Aunt Millie, my one ghost. Also those special dreams are convincing. But Aunt Millie--not my Aunt--was the clincher.

I want to note I still miss Jerry. I can still picture him in his jeans and flannel shirt walking and talking. And I still cry. I still feel abandoned. Until now, I wanted to be cremated when I died, but I've changed my mind since there's a grave next to Jerry. Yeah, that's the story. It's hard to live without him. I can, I am, but I miss knowing he's here.

I'm printing an article I wrote for Harry's weekly column in SCOOP. I liked it and I'd like to share it.

Everyday, I read the newspaper and I try to watch the news. As repressive and dishonest as this administration is, I still thank God every night that I am here. I believe the elections were stolen, the Supreme Court is partisan, and there is great and horrible injustice. Sometimes the hurt our officials mete out is as terrible as the worst holes in the world. Anger and assumptions trump justice and truth. But I thank God I am here because in most of the world my life would hardly exist. As a woman, I would have been genitally mutilated as a child. If I survived, I would be less than a second-class citizen, belonging to a father or husband to do with as he chose. Work would extend into hours meant for sleep and pregnancy would give no respite. Disease and starvation often visit and there would be no medicine or doctors. In some places, women can walk many miles carrying children to see a doctor only to be turned away at the door because she has no money.
Women under the Afghanistan Taliban, which is taking over again as we back off, cannot leave their homes or work. Women cannot drive in Saudi Arabia, nor can they vote. In India, the world’s largest democracy, many people live on the street their whole lives. There are “untouchables”, the lowest class by heredity. They never escape their classification and are allowed to do only the dirtiest jobs. Yes, it is reminiscent of this nation, but gradually, despite the ingrained hate and stupidity here, opportunity happens inch by inch.
We lack of health care here for millions, and deaths are caused by neglect or malfeasance. Europe does it but we do not. In some ways, our country is backward and mean-spirited. There is no excuse or justification. No on should go hungry or be without medical care in the United States, let alone the world. We are only at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius and I pray we survive to bring forth the love and peace that is promised.




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