Friday, October 21, 2011

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Getting Ready

Listening to Pandora radio. How lovely. Dancing downstairs. Practicing up for the wedding and a plus for exercise too. Today is Kitty Litter Day. Every Friday. There are animal lovers and animal non-lovers in the world and not much in between. I'm one of the former. We have four and that's all we can comfortably afford but we feed a feral cat outside also. If Harry enjoyed having dogs, we'd have one or two of them in here too, but he doesn't, so we don't. I read every advertisement in the local papers with photos from the shelters and wish I could help them. And I talk to every dog (and small child) I pass (every time). I'm jonesing for a grandchild, I can't help it.
In less than three weeks our first child, our very beloved daughter, is getting married. Our outfits aren't finished being altered yet. We both have our shoes. (I've forgotten to buy a fancy little purse. Next week, I guess.) Harry has taken his broken hearing aids back to Jenkintown for the fourth time and he's hoping they will finally work by the time of the wedding. He'll enjoy hearing the vows and toasts. This time, we both read the salesman the riot act because the company keeps saying they replaced the entire insides and they come back the same. They kept our $200 (in addition of course to the high price of the hearing aid).
Other than the hearing aid, everything seems to be progressing. Our new son will wear a custom kilt in his Gordon plaid. His mom will wear a banner with that plaid. I'm hoping our prayer shall supposedly brought out of Grenada (Spain), in 1492 is in decent enough shape for me to wear that. My mom used it to cover her piano and it faded slightly in addition to now having coffee cup marks. I think it wasn't perfect before. It had been worn down through the ages, by me once at an art opening, and before that by my grandmother. My dad's cousin wore it once and promptly became sick and died, so nobody not in the direct line has worn it since.
It's hard to determine if silk can survive for so many years, but my limited research seems to suggest that it can. Also, the colors and style of the shawl appear to be appropriate for the time. I looked at it tonight. Held it. I know it gives off vibrations; it's a little scary. Perhaps if I ask tonight, in the next few days my grandfather will answer.

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