Monday, April 30, 2012

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New Knee=Jewelry From Ebay

I discovered in November that all my gold jewelry had been stolen. I reported it to the police and to the insurance company who shortly after paid me for them. I took that money and bought new fronts for our kitchen cabinets which were decrepit, but otherwise, unaffordable. Since then, I have been replacing the lost jewelry with inexpensive stuff from China mostly bought through Ebay. I bought mostly jewelry that I liked that was usually under $5.00. Through the excruciating knee pain I experienced before I finally got my new knee, and up till now, I've been enjoying the little packages coming in the mail. A few of my purchases look like real gold and they're only plated. That's fine for me. The only diamonds I ever got were inherited and they were surprises. I gave my daughter the most beautiful diamond ring I inherited from my grandmother dating from about 1890 or so. However, I'm just as happy with cz's or topaz. Topaz rings are just great according to me. I do love dressing up with makeup and jewelry if I don't have to do it everyday (for work). I just bought darker lipsticks, so I'm ready to go to town.
We're all different. I still like overalls and I'm waiting to be small enough to wear a hot pink pair hanging on the workroom door. When I paint, I wear very sloppy clothes because inevitably I splash paint on everything and don't realize it until after the clothes are washed and show up with an odd color that isn't washing out. I haven't painted for a while. It's hard to stand that long and I'm a little out of sorts. I need motivation. I was hoping to hit the New York Metropolitan Museum with my cousin in the late spring, but my cousin totally finked out during my hospital stay and after. (I called him and after that he never came to see me--from his walking-distance house--he's retired too--and never called. That hurt. I know he's got the sieve memory I have, but I still expected more which I'm pretty sure is a mistake. I'm still hurt though.) I may put this on Facebook and maybe he'll read it.
One thing about Ebay--it's important not to be drawn into bidding higher and higher on items that don't deserve that price or that you really can't afford. I use sniper programs and when the prices go higher than I want to pay, I'm out. I've gotten pulled in at times, paying more because I was virtually gambling. Ebay thrives on that, but we don't. That's important. I just started setting the top amount I'd pay and checking free shipping. I'm surprised at the large amount I still have to choose from. Another peculiar trait I discovered on Ebay is the same item can be priced from $.99 to $35.00. I'm guessing some people think the higher price ensures the "real thing" which I don't think is true with cheap jewelry, especially when you're dealing with topaz and plated gold or silver. (I look for 14Karat yellow plated gold, but the dealers from China don't seem to always recognize the difference between 14 and 18 Karat. That can be a problem. I've had to paint the gold a rose color on several earrings and I'm not satisfied with the outcome either.)
So, every week day I'll be looking for a little package. I know I have to stop shopping--I'm addicted. Luckily the prices are very low and I haven't incurred a big debt, just a lot of adornment and hours of excitement. This has been wonderful fun. I'll always associate my new knee with Ebay jewelry.

Jerry and Brian. Family. When jewelry fades...this is the really important stuff. Family..



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