Sunday, November 20, 2005

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My Never-Ending Meals and The Kitten Arrives

Today was such a nice day; the weather was lovely and we did happy things all day long. It was living a day on Sesame Street. First, we met an old friend and her husband for brunch at a deli restaurant nearby. We all very much enjoyed our food--my chopped herring was fresh and delicious and the coffee kept coming. I used to be scared of our friend Randi--she's a teacher and knows everything--but today, for some reason, I was confident enough and relaxed to have a good time. (I wonder if anyone will read this and want to throw up hearing "chopped herring" for breakfast.)
After brunch, we stopped home and I painted for a while. Then, at two, it was time to leave to pick up Heidi/Ginger/Rosie/Ruby our Maine Coon kitten. At eight weeks, she's a delicate little kitten who fits into two hands and is smart enough to be terrified. We carried her to the car in our cat carrier but as soon as she cried, I took her out and held her for the ride home. Right now, she's under this desk as far back away from the strangers as she could manage. I put out a just-right-sized tray of food and water for her a few inches from her hideout. When Moon can manage it, he sneaks in to hiss at her. The breeder assures me she'll come out in a couple of days. It's worrisome having her in hiding, not eating. In this house, that's tantamount to anarchy.
But, speaking of eating, we did get out to eat and I had my famous sausage which I wanted with the spaghetti in oil and garlic with anchovies, which was on the menu. (I'm actually the sausage lady.) The waitress was mildly shocked that I wanted anchovies and went back to the chef twice about whether I could have them, finally reporting I couldn't, but when I asked, she said I could have them on the side. Anchovies, sausage, fried onions, cookies, ice cream and candy; these are a few of my favorite things. I'm glad I could write that; somehow doing it quieted my wanting to eat one of those things right now.
Our son Brian loves most of those foods too, but daughter Honey has a sensitive stomach like her dad so tonight I knew she couldn't finish off my dinner when I got home. I couldn't get her on the phone to know if she was coming and then to bring her food; I didn't not want to feed her. Honey stopped by to meet the new kitten; I knew she would asap. Honey and I love animals; she worked at the Philly Zoo for years and with a veterinarian while she was in college. (I wish the kitten would come out of the hole.) It was good to have Honey visit; it's always good.
So that's it for our anniversary weekend. We're doing pretty well for two mismatched old folks who got married as virtually babies. It's a good life.



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