Friday, November 11, 2005

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Eating and Drinking In the Paint and Pencils

Just a note before I zoom downstairs to watch TV with husband Harry. Over the last few days I've spent a lot of money on art supplies. I love to dump out the bags and look at my loot, contemplate the colors, and admire them. I need pastel pencils and pastels but they'll come later when I get to a real art supply store. The stores I've been frequenting have been craft stores. Much of the media I use can only be purchased in craft stores because I like sparkles and crayons. So I give money to all of them and that's okay.
I'm working on a couple of paintings now, slowly adding layers. What I've been doing is completing the paintings and keeping them in my drawing books so I can gaze at them when I'm out and about. But I started looking at ready-made mattes today--because they're so small I may be able to use ready-made--so I guess the framing part of me is swinging into action after all. All I have to do is keep from over scheduling my time doing other things and keep in mind what's important to me. That's not easy, and I will keep it in mind.



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