Friday, November 18, 2005

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It's late, almost my 41st anniversary--in 15 minutes--and I feel drunk on my new medication that's supposed to stop my tremor. I can't test my blood glucose level the way I'm supposed to do because I just ate all the left-over bacon, veggies and a banana. I think, even though those foods aren't sugary, they might bring my glucose levels up a bit, so I'll forego the blood-letting.
I'm going to try Provigil tomorrow--yet another drug--that maybe, perhaps, will wake me. Once I get to sleep I can't get up. I could if I had to; I'd just roll out of bed and do whatever had to be done. But when nothing is imperative, it's silly to come roaring onto the floor running for the paintbrushes that ain't going anywhere in the next four hours. I want to 'arise naturally' as a flower does in the sunshine. Or maybe popcorn does in the microwave. Whatever. Just not in response to an alarm, but before 11:30 AM.
I did get out early today despite dragging myself out of bed after 11 AM. I didn't drink coffee or work on anything; I just did my getting ready stuff and zipped around with Harry doing errands. I hit the Free Library, which, when I'm using it, is pretty neat. I find books I wouldn't have read otherwise, of course forgetting about the ones I want. I order them used when I get tired of not finding what I am really lusting after. Out of the three I grabbed, so far two look interesting. Nothing lost. I often enough buy books I can't read and then try and foist them off on Honey or friends so I feel the money hasn't been wasted.
Speaking of wasting money, Whole Foods had only one snack out today! That was another of our stops. Trader Joe's had nothing at all, and my favorite store didn't have even one cheese out to taste. That's the only store where my little feet cross the threshold and I know every sample hangout. I made the rounds deftly trying to appear as though I was cruising through the store, double latte in hand but without any kind of basket, just perusing the groceries before making a decision to actually shop. I probably didn't fool anyone because no one cared, but the act was for naught. No goodies. Oh, well. Harry made lovely lamb chops, cous cous, and veggies and we had Mumms champagne to celebrate and little confectionary-type cakes for dessert. I had mine with Reese's peanut thingys. I suspect they're not going to help me lose weight and they might even show up on that every-three-months 1AC blood test or whatever it's called for diabetes.
Might be a good idea to keep out of the stores completely and consciously limit myself to fruit. And maybe tea with honey. And peanut butter. This is ridiculous; I'm lucky I'm not a blimp.
I finished another painting but haven't got a picture of it yet and I'm finally working on my Lanscape page of my website. I actually put a picture on there that doesn't exist; no wonder it wouldn't come up. I'm going to fill that in and add more soon. I really like those scenes with houses in them when they come out well. Pretty neat. I've also started telling folks who are on one of my webrings about the others. It hadn't ever occurred to me to do that then I realized everybody else was and it matters how many websites are on a webring. And more than a few reject my site because the ringmaster judges my artwork to be porn. When that happens, I usually start my own.
Right now, I'm coughing and drinking water as though the I just came off the desert. (That might not go over too well at 3 AM since it's 12:15 now.) So maybe despite the 30 ounces of water I'm consuming in three minutes, I'll toddle off to bed. I love writing this; I don't know if anybody's reading it; but it's like painting--fun to create.



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