Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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The Wedding

This past Friday was our daughter's wedding. It was a beautiful
events as we hope all weddings can be. Everything began with the
right guy. I knew something was up a couple of years ago when our
daughter mentioned she'd been out to lunch with Roger. She was in
Jefferson's Nursing School at that time having burned out as a High
School Biology Teacher. Roger was already a nurse at Jefferson.

Their relationship built slowly and by two years ago, it became
obvious Roger was the "One". This last year he asked her to marry him
and presented her with a really lovely old-fashioned diamond ring in
platinum. In the Spring, Roger joked saying they could get married
11/11/11 and gradually the date went from a joke to the real date for
the wedding. Jaynee accompanied our daughter and two of her friends
to look at wedding gowns in the early summer. At the last minute,
after choosing a frou-frou style most young women are wearing now, she
ventured into the sale area "just to see". There, she found a lovely
dress absolutely perfect for her slender figure. After that, our
daughter looked to settle all the rest of the arrangements. She
hadn't realized how involved and time-consuming that would be.
Because that date was very popular for weddings and conventions were
also occurring in Philly on that day, very few places were available
for the reception. Luckily, our daughter's girlfriend Linda found a
place. They rented a room in an Episcopal Church in Center City.

On the day before the wedding, Linda decorated the reception hall.
Jaynee's brother flew in from California and Roger's family arrived
from Syracuse. Our daughter and Roger were getting nervous. Our
daughter-in-law hadn't found clothes that fit and she was upset. Our
son's father-in-law was sick and couldn't come which meant our son had
to drive to New Jersey and pick up his mother-in-law then head up to
Philly and help Roger dress.

Jaynee, our daughter, and Linda headed over to the Beauty Parlour for
manicures, hair styling and make-up. Everything ran late and our
daughter was distraught. Linda saved the day bringing her wedding
dress to the Beauty Parlour and helping her dress. Meanwhile, Brian
was at our daughter and Roger's house with his wife and Mother-in-Law.
Roger was somewhat overwrought by all the tension and preparations.
Nevertheless, Roger dressed in his Old Gordon plaid kilt ready for the

With Jaynee, Linda, and our daughter in the limousine, the rest of the
nuptials flowed like a soft summer breeze. Our daughter is a committed
Buddhist so the wedding vows were held at the Shamballa. The
volunteers there were so supportive; it was lovely. From the vows, we
all withdrew to the Episcopal Church where music, hor d'oevres, wine,
and celebrations were waiting. This was a very exciting evening.

Our daughter and new son invited the family to come celebrate Saturday
which we all did, celebrating some more. Roger's family were just as
perfect as Roger is. We all enjoyed our time together. On Sunday, we
brought Tuesday, their dog, home with us and on Monday, the new
marrieds left for their honeymoon in Savannah.



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