Thursday, November 24, 2011

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How Bad Can a Housecleaning Business Be?

I talked about this before, possibly just on Facebook. Since Tuesday bit up my datebook and after that, I lost what was glued together, I have to consult Harry's datebook for exact dates. I haven't done that yet. Here's the story right now:
On the next to last visit of About Maids, one of the workers broke off a blade from the ceiling fan of my husband's workroom. She brought it in to us apologizing. Shortly after, I began to call the business owner. I called many times with no response. Finally, I spoke with a secretary or person answering the phone who said the owner simply said, "No". When I asked for more information, she explained he did not believe it was possible for his worker to have done that. We fixed the fan and discontinued their service.
On November 11 of this year, I had reason to go into my unlocked jewelry box and found all my gold earrings, including a nearly one carat diamond earring were gone. There were eight earrings all together. In addition, seven silver earrings had one missing. I rarely wore any of those earrings so I didn't notice the theft until November 11.

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