Friday, October 21, 2005

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The Fabulous Adventures etc.

Just changed the name of my blog to this bullshit; I'm just trying to catch some readers, some attention cheaply. It's really phony, opportunistic bullshit. I don't really believe anybody is the finest Philly artist. That's ridiculous and I hate it. It's advertising, like for Ajax Cleanser. Well, maybe I'll change it tomorrow because I don't like it.
Meanwhile, we--Honey, Harry, and me--picked up my stuff from where I used to work this afternoon. Coming in after I've retired put the place in a different perspective. The miserable secretary just looked crazy and the place looked like a prison. Maybe tomorrow I'll start going through my old junk and throwing stuff out. I heaved all the notes and my old supervisor was surprised, but who needs doctor's notes when you don't have to work anymore?
It's time to go to bed though...12:35, and even I, lady of leisure, want sleep so I can rise tomorrow and paint. I love the piece I started today and I want to work on it and maybe more tomorrow. Plus pet the cat.



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