Sunday, October 16, 2005

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A Driving Saturday

Going on 1 AM again. It's been an interesting, fun day, with a Wedding Shower, visiting our little two-week-old kitten, and stopping by to see our son and his girlfriend for some ice cream. The shower was all way down in Bear, Delaware and of course we got lost on the way, but a state trooper got us there in the end. It was good to see our friends; we missed last night's surprise birthday party and I've been out of circulation for so long. Harry's been really cranky and yesterday, he was too tired to go after the problems with his mom. I drove to Delaware, then up to Chadd's Ford, then home from Brian's. And he complained about the ride.
The kitten is a tiny female red Maine Coon kitten who burrowed into my shirt sending me little love and comfort messages, I think. And Harry and I just loved her. This is where I need to insert one of my animal pictures. And aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.



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