Wednesday, October 12, 2005

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God's Closing The Book Tomorrow..Uh Oh

Sort of have my computer back..Brian was working with it all night trying to straighten it out, getting frustrated, and continuing. Sony has a lot of problems. Meanwhile, I'm learning how to back info up and put it back in--many times. I'm getting my music back again. I imported everything from the old computer and I'm working to get back gospel and other stuff. Right now, I have CSNY on and it's wonderful. I'd like to organize the music and I will. And next time, I'll be able to put it back on here right.
I baked a cake today and Harry made everything else. I sprained my foot yesterday and I hobbled around all day. But I also did the kitty litter, repotted a plant, set up for another one, and some other stuff. Sounds like nothing. Harry's mom--Bubba--Honey, Jerry, and Brian were here for Yom Kippor which is tomorrow. The traditional thing is to break the fast together, but Brian can't not go to Drexel, so we had dinner together today. Also traditional is fish, but we didn't have that either. Harry can't stand the long waits at the Deli so I convinced him to forget that. We have fish enough other times. We just end up with the leftovers going bad in the frig anyway.
Harry and I have to pick up Bubba cat Pumpkin tomorrow and take him to the Vet. He's got some black stuff in his right ear and it's bothering him. I noticed it yesterday and he bit me for it. I'm used to being bitten by cats. No big deal. Except I thought PUmpkin was a couch potato but I guess he recognized me immediately as being a cat toy and gave up his disguise as an old people's cat and segued right into a golden demon. Nothing new. The gray one is behind me.
I worked on a drawing while Brian was into his third hour of struggling with the Sony puter. I guess I can put it into the computer tomorrow or so. I'm going to be on the radio Saturday morning if anybody ever reads this. Creatively Speaking or something. 90.1 FM at 11 AM for about six minutes. The fella interviewed me yesterday. I think he was a little freaked about the crossdresser stuff so I never mentioned the feminization. I think that might have been over his top. And I never took him down the basement... My "Other" studio would definitely have been too far into another world. I forget how narrow people are--even liberal people. And I'm so normal too...gentle and easy-going...not into anything radical. But even my stuff is scandalous. It's ridiculous.
Well, I've hopefully got a guy coming Friday for a portrait, a good party that night, and one in Delaware after seeing the kitten, Saturday. I'm having trouble finding time to paint. This isn't funny. I need to get to bed so I can tomorrow before I have to take Mr. Pumpkin to Dr. Betty.



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