Wednesday, October 05, 2005

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What Day IS it AGain?

Is it Tuesday or WEdnesday? If it's WEdnesday, I better get busy because my son and cousin are coming for dinner. Above are three pics I just finally was able to scan in. The top two were commissions--watercolor/pastels--11 x 15", and the bottom one I finished a few days ago. That one is mixed media, 11 x 14". Now I can take my sketch book downstairs with me and do more. My hands shake, I'm depressed but not this minute, and I'm having a wonderful time being retired. Work? ugh. I'm hoping my tremor is from the steroids and will stop when I'm finished them but it could be from the Lupus too. Time will tell. I do really like this blog though because google allows pics to be uploaded and the colors of the finished blog are pleasing too. Pretty neat. Better options than my old one. WEll, time to start the day. (2 PM of unnamed day) My computer is basically on the blink. It used to say the day. ugh again. Uh oh, it did and it's Wednesday. I want to make a couple of things for dinner. Oh crap. WEll, there's time.



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