Tuesday, November 08, 2005

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Olympic Mountains

In this painting, we were in the Olympic Mountains with my brother who's facing away in the hat. I'm leaning on Harry and Brian is sitting on a rock. It was a magnificent place with friendly deer and glaciers. The Northwest, to me--well, the West in general--is the most beautiful part of the United States. We've been to most of the U.S. The red rock formations in the Southwest and the incredible vistas of the Northwest surpass what's left in the East. We've pretty much ruined the East and the South and I guess we're working on Alaska and the West. Arizona is slowly being eaten and spit out as ugly, ugly, ugly. Our park service is underfunded and poorly run; pretty soon we'll have smog in the Grand Canyon. That's if it's not there already. We watched George Carlin last night--we'd taped his HBO special--and he was very negative about the state of the country. I couldn't disagree with him, except about fat people because I'm one and I'm not eating nachos and otherwise feeding my face at every opportunity. However, he talked about the real owners of this nation--the corporations and zillionaires-- who bankroll and control our politicians and write our laws. It would be ridiculous to think that any of them cared about our air, water, food, or us. And I know that politicians care only about themselves and grabbing more power and money. I involuntarily worked with them and learned first-hand. G.C. was thought-provoking. I voted today, but realized my vote meant nothing. I like our District Attorney here in Philly, so I walked across the street and voted for her and a bunch of others. I do know one judge personally because he's an old friend of my cousin's and as far as I can tell, he's the only decent one.
That's glitter on the little people in this picture. It doesn't show up well. I'm not sure what this painting means, although I like it. All ideas are welcome. I've got more coming too.



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