Saturday, January 14, 2006

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The Gate Munch

Tonight was the Gate Munch here in Philly. I'm no longer a participant--I never was wholeheartedly--but I'm sympathetic and I like some of the people very much. This was a nice evening; our friends drove which was a surprise and a treat; we ended up eating at a Greek restaurant. They didn't have Moussaka or Pastitsio, my favorites, but the Hummus was extraordinary as were Harry's lamb chops. And I had Greek coffee which I adore. The munch bar had Guinness on tap and Guinness is wonderful when it's fresh from the tap. Harry had Hoegaarden. I call Hoegaarden Lemonade Beer but it's good too.
Edmund and his girlfriend were there--Edmund was one of my first subbies and he really gave a lot of time and effort to my playroom. Mary was there with her love with whom she moved in a couple of years ago. And there was Dana with her partner. I'd missed Dana and was considering braving people I couldn't stand just to see her again. I knew Dana's girlfriend would be lovely because Dana is.
I missed other people so I suppose I'll have to work out a way to see them again. I met a lot of warm open people over the last few years--people who would happily pose for me without a thought. They allowed me into their lives and I'm grateful. I've met folks who were guarded and I can't blame them; I just don't like them.
There were people across the room and when I finally ambled over they told me they knew me. Why they didn't say hello in the first place I don't know. I understand I give the impression of being a proper lady who incidentally knocks back Guinness and Bourbon and paints erotica. The proper makes people scared, I think. I don't know if I'd be different if I tried. Probably not. I am who I am and sometimes I'm tight. Right now, I'm hungry.
I can barely write I'm so hungry. I'm kind of drunk from the beer--one--but I'm going to have to stop writing and go take my blood soon because I'll be raiding the frig if I don't.



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