Wednesday, January 11, 2006

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My Life Is Moving On I Think

Today feels like a useless day, but I did finally matte daughter Honey's pictures. I watched the news a little and read the NY Times and Philly Inquirer. It looks like Judge Alito will be confirmed and I"m sorry, but what did I expect? The far right stole the last two presidential elections and redistricted the whole country to make sure they stay in power. And now it's tomorrow...Thursday and I have a headache.
Because my hair was falling out, I cut down on Lamictal, a good drug for lupus seizures and mood swings (but maybe not so good for the hair style.) It takes a while for a body to get used to a lower dose of any medication. I've been biting my cuticles as though they taste good and will look better. I'm nervous, anxious. I think my Social Security may have just come through. We went out to dinner and there was a message on the answering machine that sounded as though that was what was being said. I'll know for sure tomorrow. Then my life starts to change in earnest. Do I move to Glenside or try to buy another house in New Mexico? If I do that, will I go out of my mind from boredom during the winter? Could I afford it?
If I'm really set now, we'll start making travel arrangements. I'm not even interested in going to Europe. I haven't finished seeing the US. Especially New Mexico. There's so little any of us can do. Alito will probably get in. The Republicans will steal another election. But the little lives go on hopefully without heartache. That's what I"m trying to figure out now.



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