Friday, January 13, 2006

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Vacation or No Vacation?

My life has changed as of today.. My Social Security benefits are kicking in. I can move; go on vacation; fix my house. I want to do everything and nothing. I've been destroying my cuticles since I got wind of the possibilities. I'd really like to live in a house with a fireplace, drive in garage with a door right into the house, with everything all on one floor. I need to start making a list of what I want. I started insisting we go on vacation to New Mexico right away because I don't want to move then realize I should have moved there. I doubt that would happen though. All I have are questions and I wish everything were cheap, but nothing is.
We've never been to New Mexico and I definitely want to see if it's a place I'd like to spend the winters. Is it affordable? Boring? Red-Neck? Laid-Back? I would rather get in the car and drive there but that won't happen; we have too many places to be here and too little time.
Later...I decided after-all to put off the New Mexico trip. We'll go up to Manhattan for a few days instead and see a couple of plays. We love French Food and in Manhattan, there are a million of them and they're not all pretentious. In fact, I want to stay away from the trendy, very expensive restaurants. I don't need to see Bette Midler at the next table. I like her but nothing says she knows restaurants better than I do.
And if it gets too cold here, I can fly out to my brother's in LA and stay with him for a week or two. Knowing that may make the difference in my tolerance of the weather. Also not having to go out if I don't want to go.



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