Thursday, December 29, 2005

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Candy Christmas

Today was after-Christmas shopping again, this time at Target, for three hours. Target had a wonderful selection of all kinds of gifts, decorations for inside and outside the house, and "stuff". Cousin Jerry and I inspected everything, especially the plastic containers because we were each looking for a certain size. I bought two Christmassy bath rugs; a book light; candy--great for a cheating diabetic--a bathtub scrubby and a container for it; and a microwave dish topper. Anything else I forget so it won't count. I also spent lots of time considering other things, which is also lots of fun.
Before entering the world of Target, Jerry and I ate breakfast (at about 1:30 PM--we're both late risers) at the Pancake House, whose correct name I forget. They had pumpkin pancakes and tons of coffee so my day was made. When we got home, Harry had leftover Antipasto for me which was perfect. Then I ate the candy, which probably wasn't a good idea, but I enjoyed it. My A1C was 6.0 reported yesterday, but my cholesterols aren't all perfect, so my thoughts do turn to leaving the candy alone...maybe. I pray for it.
Jerry just laughs at my candy habit, probably because he's still puffing on cigarettes. He rents a car every other weekend but kept it this week. On the way back to my house, he stopped at every newspaper box because instead of having it delivered daily, he goes to a box on his street but today he forgot. Each one was empty, so we stopped at WaWa and they didn't have any either, so Jerry walked in the rain back to one we'd passed rather than pull out making a U-turn on the so-so busy street. He found a newspaper while I sat inside the car reading my book. I always carry a book because I've got a phobia about being bored and I don't volunteer to walk in inclement weather.
Tomorrow, Harry and I will be picking Jerry up at the car rental agency in Center City and going to Honey's for brunch. I don't think I was this busy before I retired or maybe it was just that when I went in to work, I relaxed with coffee and breakfast over the New York Times for two hours. Now, my weekend is busy and next week is filled with activities too. I have to think about this; my life is being danced away in a whirlwind of places to go and people to see. Is this what I want? When do I paint? What about matting? I don't think I want time to be "Of the essence." Or feel as though "Time is Money." God forbid! That's total bullshit. I want Savannah in the Spring; relaxation and the leisurely exploration of life. So I'll have to reconsider my time.



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