Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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Need Dog

Max, the Yellow Lab puppy who lives across the street, came in tonight. My neighbor said it was okay, and he's been urging me to take Max during the day. I love having a dog around me, so I'm thrilled. Bubba, the twelve year old black Lab who's a little demented came too. He couldn't stand to be left behind. But Bubba wouldn't come into my house and when the dog biscuits ran out, Bubba walked across the street and back into his own house. Max was perfectly happy to be in my house. Moon, my long-haired Maine Coon, who knows about dogs, was interested in Max. Max licked Moon's face and then kept his distance. I watered the garden and cut off dead limbs from the trees and Max stayed right by my side, except when anyone walked by. Then, he was off ready to jump up and welcome anybody to his life. He's too big now to be jumping on little children. I don't know what to do about that. I don't have a fence in my front garden. Maybe I can't take Max till I'm in the back.
Having a dog around lightens my heart. Why? It means so much to me. Cats too. I need both. I'm really nuts.




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