Monday, November 12, 2007

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Keke Joins the Family

Probably, I'm home too much now. I tripped Saturday night and fell into a wall--on my injured shoulder. Since then, I've been sleeping in Harry's lazy-boy chair. I'm doing better today, but I'll still sleep there. The two pillows and cold thing around my neck in addition to the little pillow for my neck and the big one for my knees, make sleeping in my bed a logistics problem.

Really, I don't want to go anywhere or do anything, especially physical therapy or any kind of exercise. I want to eat ice cream and cookies all day with my meals. And watch Jerry Springer on television. No feeding the outside cats, or changing the kitty litter for my two little furbabies who don't set foot outside. I thought I was finally free, then I realized I had to exercise at least four times a week so I could pick my legs up high enough to get onto the Senior Citizen's bus. I have to practice standing on my toes and walking like a little kid playing so I build up my balance. Falling into walls and holes for plants isn't really acceptable. It's just a matter of time until I break a bone. It's no surprise to me that my rotator cuff tear was immense. It's the kind that doesn't heal easily because it was so big. I don't think the tear bothered me. It was the bursitis which can't be addressed by surgery. This was a waste of time and energy. I was wrong to go through with it. There is wisdom in "Let sleeping dogs lie."

Autumn is circling my chair. Here she is. She is now on my lap, leaning over the keyboard. The new little kitten is so psychic, he's made me notice again Autumn's and Moon's requests. I'm their adopted mom or their servant. With cats, one never knows.
The picture above is Keke. He's our new kitten. Our daughter found him and another kitten under a tree across from her house in Philly. So now they live here in the garage. They're feral cats, so they wouldn't really want to live inside. I don't think any cats want that, except maybe Autumn. I think Keke would like to live inside but roam around outside. I'll see what happens down the road. Right now, Harry is stuck feeding them because my arm is not cooperating. He's doing everything because I really can't. I can hardly dress myself now; he helps.

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