Saturday, December 29, 2007

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Christmas Miracle

Autumn is coming onto and leaving my lap, so this has to be short. The two kittens above are Tigger, and KeKe. Keke is the little grey, black and white one. They live in my outside studio that is actually, still a garage. They were living under a tree, so my garage with regular meals and kitty litter, is pretty comfortable. There is a big dog house in there for them, but I don't think they're using it. The reason I wanted to write today wasn't because of the cats, although I adore them. Keke is a lapcat and a little bundle of affection. It's hard not to adore them.
However, today's story is about a Christmas miracle. Christmas morning a friend online wished me a Christmas miracle. We had a lovely day visiting our cousins in southern Delaware and we were driving home. Suddenly, I became aware of cigarette smoke gagging me. I told Harry and he said he smelled it too, but didn't want to mention it. Then we realized it was Jerry, my beloved cousin who passed away last January. This was the second time he showed up by manifesting smoke in the car. Harry and I thanked him and I kept talking to him all night. Neither of us complained about the smoke because we knew it was Jerry and the smoke wasn't going to hurt us. (Jerry smoked like a chimney in winter.)
Harry and I are both amazed, and I'm thrilled, that Jerry can do something like that. He's thrown framed photos, shoes, upped the shade in my room two inches, and stuff like that. I wasn't sure he did all those things, but now I am.
My son gave me a hundred reasons why the smoke was a natural occurrance, but it wasn't real smoke. I have driven since 1964 on all kinds of roads and I have never had this happen. Smoke comes in only if the car is next to someone puffing away. And you can tell the difference between real smoke and Jerry's. I think my son is wrong. He's a scientist though, and I wanted to hear the rational reasons for our experience. Since the rational reasons didn't make sense, I'll go on believing this was a kind of miracle. I'm Jewish, and having a Christmas miracle is a little weird, but I'll be happy to accept it. I don't mind celebrating Jesus' birthday anyway. He was a Jewish rabbi. I forget if Jews think of him as having been a prophet. Maybe. Anyway, not bad for a tiny race. Jesus, Solomon,Einstein, Disraeli, Freud, Marx. Forgot Moses. Jesus is the most famous. I think he'd be so disappointed by the horrible acts committed in his name. And how people often don't, no matter how pious they appear, live by his words.




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