Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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Getting ready to relax and then go to sleep. Been having trouble lately falling asleep. Wasn't feeling good today. Was in Philly. Can't stand Philly anymore. It looks shabby and the driving is more hazardous than here. My old neighborhood has hardly any of the same stores and lots of empty storefronts. I like the new mayor and I hope he can stem the violence and the bleed of taxpayers running away. But I don't like Pennsylvania either. I don't want to see the corruption here; it's the same all over, but I worked too close to it in Philly. I knew then, even if nothing illegal had occurred, it looked suspicious having so many children of supervisors there, and moreover, quickly climbing the ladder to administration. I can't believe there was no help given, at least .

I was never a good employee though. I always did a good job and was never, ever complimented, not that I expected that. I was open and honest and that's stupid in business. I am still anti-authoritarian, and I suspect, a socialist. What can you do? I was raised that way. This is probably the point where I say how awful the people were I worked with. I was never consoled by the good ones, so yeah, I basically loathed them. And before I hated them, I tried to see the good in them. Everyone has some decency and I found theirs, but they treated me like shit anyway; I didn't sufficiently conform, so I guess I was scary. However, I didn't know the codes to fit in no how, no way. Also, one thing I am not mentioning was I witnessed, experienced, the murderous lying rage that will kill an innocent person--me--for an insult. I had a few witches go after me. They would have loved to ground me into the dust regardless if it meant their lying, cheating, perjury, whatever. After that, I would never completely trust the Justice system. Those people indulge their personal anger and compromise other people's lives. They ruin whole families for little hurts of their pride. It's really sick. Truly horrible. We rarely hack people, especially children, to death, but we consign them to unspeakable horrors for the rest of their natural, or unnatural, lives.

Well, it's time for relaxing. Shame on you, Elizabeth H. and the rest of you bottom dwellers. I pray you someday realize the error of your ways and bring some joy and peace to other people.




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