Monday, April 20, 2009

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Nanny Job Goes South or Somewhere

My little nanny job went south. The woman didn't even call me; I called her to tell her I'd be there. She had been worried I would allow her kids to do whatever they wanted, and even though I told her that wouldn't be the case, I think she decided "No", after all. She told me she'd received a letter today laying her off and I took her at her word, but I think her word was worth nothing. Who gets a letter and that day, they're laid off? Hospitals, which is where she works, give you notice. And a person with manners calls as soon as possible and preferably, tells the truth. I would really like to work for someone I trusted. I don't need the job; I wanted to work with children for a couple days a week. I get a very bad feeling about that young woman. I think she talked with someone else and decided to hire that person. Maybe her children liked that person too. Good. It's underhanded, but lots of people are sneaky. First off, I'd like to work for a person who liked me at least. Appreciation would be a big deal. I guess I shouldn't expect that. But I do want honesty. Not somebody telling me a ridiculous story like this woman did. I imagine another nanny job will come down the pike. Women have to work, and young college women finish school and want to work in whatever field they studied for. Usually, being a nanny isn't a career.
I'm upset, disappointed. I doubt I would like working for someone who wasn't even going to call me and tell me I wouldn't be needed. Ugh! It's like the Art Galleries. Jeez, aren't there any honest people left? Now I know why my friend Nancy is so picky about her clients. I'm not used to this, but it's a good idea for me to work at.




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