Friday, November 28, 2008

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Heaven Visit

You know I believe I go to "the other side" in my vivid dreams. I believe I did last night. My guardian angel took me, and with my agreement, she handed me over to a friend of my mother's, who took me around. I was in a huge room filled with women sitting around tables that were around columns. They were all thinking. That's it. (It sounds almost identical to scenes I've seen before.)The first table turned around to see me. The first person I remember was my husband's aunt--our favorite. I hugged and kissed her. Then I saw other women I didn't know who looked like women I had known. I was too shy to just go up and hug them, and talked to my guide about it. She encouraged me. There was a wonderful feeling of love coming toward me from those women. I awoke then.
Later, I was upstairs at our old house or my parent's house. My husband's aunts were downstairs and I knew they were agreeing on their negative opinion of my housekeeping. I was disturbed by that and that I didn't get any points for painting.
I hope I told you about my brother coming to my husband. I think I'm getting this because I'm meditating again. I hope I keep it up.




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