Sunday, December 21, 2008

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Max’s Opinions
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Jaynee's friend Max is a Yellow Labrador Retriever who lives across the street. He read the articles by our cats and feels he should have an opportunity to speak his mind too.

Hi, I'm Max. The dog biscuit lady is my good friend. When I go outside, I like to spend my time with her. I remember when I lived there a little bit. I enjoyed eating the cat food and I could go up and down the three staircases. She fed me meat from her plate and gave me lots of pets. I loved running around her backyard too, it was perfect. She has no crates in her house. I would like to live there, with the biscuit lady. I tell her this every time I see her, but she doesn't understand.

My dad takes me outside and uses a hockey stick to throw my ball far away and I go catch it. He yells at me when I take care of doggie business on other lawns. I know I'm not a person; I'm a dog, why does he get angry? I sometimes get to talk with Moon when I sit by the woman's door. Moon says he wouldn't mind me living here if I could convince the biscuit lady to get better food. He says he has two brothers now, and his sister is still here. He's disgusted she's getting special food and he isn't. I assured him I would help him get lots of goodies.

I have certain beliefs that should be universal. Cars should be forbidden and junked. People should walk outside most of the day. Dogs should be able to walk without leashes visiting other dogs and people. People and dogs should eat the same food and share the table. There should always be meat for meals, particularly steak. Television should have one station—Animal Planet. Every evening, the dogs and families should relax and watch Animal Planet together with snacks being served at dog level. Cats should be kept in one room only. Their claws are dangerous. People should be de-barked so they do not yell at their dogs or each other. Hitting or beating a dog should be punishable by death. I am sure these maxims would ensure a better world.

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Crazed Email From a Guy in Delaware
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HARRY MARTIN POLIS, poet-philosopher


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This is a long story… When we moved down to Delaware, Jaynee began illustrating a book for two authors. As time went by, we all became friends. We enjoyed dinners out with these two couples and a friendship was brewing.

Jaynee likes to send my articles to friends and acquaintances. She included These authors and their spouses in her email list and sent them my articles. We usually get feedback from people. However, one of my articles lauding Obama got a different response. Here is a copy of the email sent by the female author's husband:

Obama is a very left-wing liberal democrat who has had a long relationship with a racist pastor and church, refused for the longest time to wear a US flag pin on his lapel, has one of the most liberal voting records in congress and NEVER tells the truth. he pretends to now because he's running for the Presidency. The GOP didn't lead us into two wars. they just finished what the dems started but didn't have the guts to finish! Clinton was handed Bin Laden on a silver platter back in the mid-nineties and let him off the hook. he also stripped the CIA of much of their power and funding, during his presidency, which resulted in the bad info Bush got.

How any intelligent person can be fooled by this rookie, wet-behind-the-ears phony is beyond me. You should thank GOD that Bush at least has the guts to fight the terrorists on their own ground rather than ours. If Obama wins this country will be doomed! If you think the terrorists want to be our friends and get along with us you are very naive.

People in this country had better wake up soon before its too late. Obama is a traitor and un-American just like the Dems. there's a very good reason why all these terrorist groups want to see him win!! I think people who support Obama must hate their own country because there's no logic behind this kind of support. A vote for Obama is a vote for defeat.

Later, the same man added:

there are a lot more criminals and killers who get off the hook because of some legal loop-hole found by their slimey lawyers. that happens a lot more than so-called 'innocent' people being in person and getting executed. how come THAT doesn't unsettle you!!?

I don't know who's a bigger threat to this country - Dems, liberals or terrorists, its a toss-up!
This is why we are no longer friends with these people. I am aware there are many conservative Americans, but I think this man's philosophy goes way beyond conservative. It's creepy.

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