Sunday, October 26, 2008

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Spiced Rum Now

For a reason I don't know, I can't get Saturday Night Live on TV. I was watching a Zombie/Vampire movie and turned that off to see SNL. I've been watching it since they started the Sarah Palin stuff. I'm sipping way too much Spiced Rum and chillin'. I drink too much and I'm concerned about Alzheimer's and brain damage. OBS My dad had Alzheimer's from age 78 on. I didn't want him to live the walking dead routine I'd witnessed in nursing homes. I worried. Luckily, he passed away just when it started to get worse. One thing was funny. When anybody called and Dad picked up the phone, if they wanted my mother and she was out of sight, he said she was out shopping. It seemed like she spent an awful lot of time gallivanting around. He was a very nice man. Smart.
My nature is like my dad's. He was a social butterfly, and when I get out of the house, I am too. He had a lot of disappointments and he didn't get to blossom. I don't know that I've had much of that sorrow, but I'm still depressed. As long as I'm not suicidal, I'm okay with it. Especially if I can have some spiced rum on ice at night. During the part of the day when I'm awake, I try to do at least some of what I think I'm supposed to do. Plus, I have lots of coffee and read the newspapers. I feed the cat outside who visits. And later on, I paint. I think I'm finished the flowers and I don't have that much to do on the apple. I can't tell. It's cute. I want to frame the flowers before I take a picture of the painting. I'm really happy painting with no thought of galleries or fame. Reputation. Any of that crap. Eventually, I probably will have to do some kind of open studio or something, to get rid of some of my work. So far, I'm getting ready to store all the watercolor/pastels that don't make me happy, and hang oil paintings in their stead. That is, if the particular oil painting makes me feel good.
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