Monday, October 24, 2005

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Moon & Pumpkin Hissing & Here's Dukie, Much Loved and Gone

I'm drawing like crazy and I love it. I can't enter the work on here, but as long as I'm doing it, it'll get on her eventually. It just feels wonderful to be creating and I love drawing especially, although I do miss oils... I'll get back to them sometime soon... Meanwhile, out the door the growling continues... Moon, my Maine Coon kitten, and Pumpkin, my mother-in-law's big orange tabby, are in a stand-off. It's kind of the feline pre-O.K. Corral. Uh oh, there goes Pumpkin sneaking up on Moon! Surprise! When and if both of them realize Moon has giant claws to match his huge paws and Pumpkin has none, will they come to detente?



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