Sunday, October 23, 2005

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The Pumpkin Guards Against The Moon

Fixed it...sort of...I have the links in here and I can add more. I just can get my comments anymore and I've sloppied up the setting. But I'm satisfied right now; at least I don't have to start another blog. It's a helluva-lot easier this way. I'm sitting here in my underwear--I get hot easily and I have a closet in here--typing with the door locked with my mother-in-law's cat guarding the door against that fiendish kitten--Moon! Poor Pumpkin has an ear infection and my mother-in-law can't pick him up or see to put the medicine in his ear. She worries about his meals, but this guy hasn't missed one ever, by the looks of him. However, he doesn't have claws and Moon does, so Pumpkin is at a disadvantage and Moon doesn't like another cat being in his domain. So the door is locked to keep the hissing at a minimum until they get used to the idea Pumpkin is being nursed here for a couple of weeks. Moon doesn't seem to care though as long as the door is locked, because the rest of the house is his. With Pumpkin locked away, Moon mosies along, policing and exploring, and definitely not keeping watch.
It's nice to have a cat in here with me who isn't dumping the trash. Poor baby misses Bubba though. He sleeps with her and I guess she belongs to him the way we all belong to our felines. He's definitely given her a reason to get out of bed.
I'm fading; it's time for me to climb into bed. Before I leave, if anyone reading this knows how I can add back in the comments html, please email me. Thanks!


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