Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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Autumn Kitten, a Funeral, and Florida

Moon and his Big Sammy.
Moon Kitten is baying at the door, Autumn kitten is scurrying away and then climbing up my leg soon to be on the keyboard or in my arms. She travels up and down and around the room, then eats some food and starts over again. I'll be relieved when she can join Moon running around the house. And eating regular kitten food instead of Gerber's baby chicken in gravy.
Yesterday was our Aunt Ray's funeral, down in someplace south of Southwest Philly. Aunt Ray lived in Florida with her daughter, son-in-law, grandson, and great-grandsons. She was a feisty little red-haired lady with strong opinions and lotsa love--but you had to earn that love, and meet her standards. Aunt Ray reminded me of my Aunt Betty from whom I learned manners and rebellion and I guess Aunt Ray liked that so she liked me. We visited Florida a couple of years ago to spend time with Aunt Ray. She was glad to see us but told us she was tired of living; she was bored; all her friends had died and she couldn't drive anymore. Aunt Ray was 90 when she died. So yesterday I spent time with Harry's relatives, half of which I like very much, and I felt good. Luckily, when we went to a diner to eat and spend time together, we sat with the good ones. I thought before yesterday that when we had more money we'd spend time in perhaps New Mexico during the lousy Philly winters; but I realized even all Florida has to recommend it is warmth and family, that's enough. Why would we go to New Mexico when our family is in Florida? I hope they all pick up and move West, but short of that, we'll go to the mall state in the winter. How long the trips will depend on where we live and how much American health care costs. For all I know, we might be living in a cardboard box with our medicines and checkbook.
Well, while I can afford a house with a studio, I'll exit here and go draw. Autumn seems to have abandoned my lap and finger biting for--nope, she's back. Time to paint.



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