Monday, December 26, 2005

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Our Family Gathering

If anyone reading this knows about the "feeds", would you explain them to me? Subscribing to a feed? I can't get it.
I feel frustrated when I can't fathom something like "feeds" or how to properly address an email to my lupus group. I tried to send Seasons Greetings, I think, four times only to have them go unpublished because I couldn't figure out what the group's owner was directing me to do and she couldn't imagine that I didn't understand. What is it with people? Why do people think you "should" know what they are trying to say, or what they mean? When people talk with me, they hear how well I speak and they assume I can do anything. Well, no, I can't. My doctors do it and so do the detail-oriented folks at that lupus group. (I'm annoyed with them. They freak at colored backgrounds! I never knew the 'box' was so small.)
The other day I finally received my neuropsychological evaluation and it seems the PhD. was so impressed with my verbal intelligence, he couldn't imagine there was anything wrong with me cognitively. I want to know how many people forget how their spigots work, what their neighborhoods or people they just met look like. Do other people lose jewelry as quickly as pens or phone numbers? I do. I put things down, learn names and information and then they're gone, and it feels like I'm staring at white walls for six months or forever. I have great recall until it's gone. I do have a very good mind, but it comes and goes. Recently, it's been working better, probably because I'm not working at something other than painting. That's a gift, I know.
My daughter Honey says to not worry; we influence events negatively when we worry about them. My family was here today celebrating Chanukah. I baked some peanut butter chocolate chip muffins--which I quickly stored in the freezer after dinner, giving no one any to take home. And I helped Honey bake a terrific very dense chocolate cake from scratch, of course. Honey comes earlier now and we spend hours baking, sharing the narrow kitchen space with Harry while he cooks.
Jerry and I played Soduku for a while, then later Brian and Jerry finished it. Soduku is the first math game I've ever liked and that's great for me because it's a brain game and they're helpful supposedly in avoiding Alzheimer's etc. For me, a math game is absorbing in a way nothing else is. Maybe that's because it uses a different part of the brain.
It's been a fun day. I smell good--I put on my coconut body butter after my shower this afternoon. I (barely) fit into my smaller size jeans. And I had a great time with my family.



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