Monday, December 19, 2005

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Matting Becomes Fun...Almost

My friend Nancy, 5 x 8 1/2", multi-media, 12/05
I finished the matting for my recent pieces and I've ordered $95. worth of mattes I don't need. Why ever did I think I was going to use fourteen different colors of 36 x 42" mattes for paintings 5 1/2 x 8" at the largest and mostly 4 x 6"; and I'm only matting about four. Great shopping. I'll have mattes in my will and my kids can throw them out when I die along with all my inherited cut glass and beautiful sets of dishes.
At this minute, my kittens are having fun pooping in their most popular litter within my smellivision. The little one is really doing it up, sitting half in and half out, scraping at the top-sides inside of the box with her little needle-nails. She was snoozing/purring on my chest tonight while I was meditating and doing the same this morning while I was sleeping. And it's almost time to sleep again.
Time is easier now that I don't have a job outside of my painting. I love being able to matte or work on my website or paint. All my favorite activities are my work now; even cleaning the kitty litter--oh, my that stinks!--is fun--(especially when I sit near it to work on the computer).
I didn't get to read the Philly Inquirer well today because Autumn Kitten was laying on it. I was trying to encourage her to eat so I wouldn't move her. She gets to eat from some of my favorite hand made dishes too. I have hard cat food in dishes all over the house for their convenience. (I love these little animals.)
Another thing I've done is organize the cabinets--even while my little guys are climbing inside. This little room wouldn't have papers strewn all over the rug if the kittens would stop knocking everything to the floor. But they're cats and that's what felines do. They're currently downstairs and in the basement patrolling, but they'll be upstairs later when I'm going in to bed, challenging my slippery entrance into my bedroom. The little one jumps through, above my foot, and in the wee hours, I can be found bent over trying to tempt her out from under my bed with a dangly necklace.
Autumn Kitten was eying my sparkly paint this evening when I was matting. I was cradling her, painting on the matte at the same time. I managed to do a good job anyway. I messed up one matte, over-painting it, but the others are perfect. Usually, I mat a year's worth of work at one time, working at it for weeks. This time was easy and reasonable. I don't know why I used to feel I had to matte almost everything. Not now. I like leaving a lot of paintings in my drawing book. And it's good I'm painting small because my digital camera went bad.
A number of mechanical things went bad recently, just when I can't afford to repair them. But I will, and eventually, I'll get back to Port Orford and California too. Some events I know will happen--like Autumn slipping into my bedroom and travelling back out West. Living and dying, arguing and being sorry. But right now, I'm not sorry, not tired, just content.



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