Sunday, December 25, 2005

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Uh Oh! Santa Forgot To Get Dressed Again!

It's late and I still want to read in bed; Harry worries about me getting enough sleep. We've been downstairs watching "The Forty-Year Old Virgin"; boy, was that dumb! Harry liked it; I kept picking up my book to read and a funny scene would come on. Then it got stupid again; I'd open the book, and something was cute so the book was closed. But the end was great by my standards. The whole cast sang, "Aquarius" and "Let the Sun Shine In". I still haven't grown out of the seventies, and musicals featuring old hippie songs and dancing are forgiven all their lousy lines and casting. (King Kong should have sung a duet with Anne on top of the Empire State Building. "When somebody loves you....")
I understand that animal/human bond. This room is stinking again; my kittens have just knocked my clothes from the top of the hamper onto the hall floor where they're jumping to and from them while I watch through the steam of poop. I suppose my interest in escaping this bedroom is understood. But it's Christmas Eve! I forgot! Santa is flying overhead dropping down sooty chimneys bringing beautifully wrapped toys and clothes to kids who's parents have been running up huge credit card bills buying those gaily wrapped packages. I wonder if I turn off the big light in here and leave on just the little Christmas lights, will Santa notice? Will he wave to the kitties as they poop yet again in their favorite box?
Santa's probably in Europe right now; it's about 5 AM there, still dark and so late that even the insomniacs have nodded off. I wonder how European newspapers characterize W's speeches and behavior. Lately, I've been hearing the news on television--I don't watch it--and I can't understand why the newsreaders aren't laughing or crying. And the New York Times reports the government's activities as though things are normal, but they're not. The new president of Bolivia, I believe, called W an imperialist. He may have said "terrorist", but I'm not sure; that may have been only the famous author who recently won a Pulitzer. They're both right in my opinion. I think W was celebrating Hanukkah, eating Latkes, and I guess tomorrow they'll eat Christmas goose. I don't believe "What goes around, comes around." I think the rich get richer; they cheat and steal and get away with it, leaving their ill-gotten gains to their children. Old rotten men send kids to war so the old men can steal oil, minerals, diamonds, spices, etc. or gain power for themselves. It's the rare person who gives a shit about anybody else, believing the monster will never come to his door. And maybe that's true...and maybe not. I wish I could be loving and see the good in others. I wish we all could.



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