Sunday, December 18, 2005

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Angry Artist Cleans Kitty Litter!

Today was fine except that my husband hurt my feelings and I'm very angry. It was a busy day; my biggest job was to go up to Bubba Freda's, put out a new kitty litter box I'd just bought and throw out the old one. I spent time petting Pumpkin too, who nuzzled me and licked my face. On the way home, Harry accused me of being profligate with our money etc, etc. Is that a male thing? Are men raised to believe women are interested in wasting money? I haven't spoken to him since this afternoon. Honey visited--(Harry make French Onion Soup and Spinach Salad for dinner.) She wisely kept out of our argument but knows he gets abusive. He is still complaining about my getting his mother a cat, whom she adores. Too much work for him. (He buys the food and kitty litter.)
I'm enraged now, so it's probably time to meditate.



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