Tuesday, January 17, 2006

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Being Ignored & Agent-ed!

The gallery came through; they'll represent me and promote my work in Europe, mostly London and Barcelona I think. I'm relieved as much as happy; I was very upset. I actually still have a headache but maybe I'll get better when I send them back the contract and just get on with my life. The guy who contacted me was kind of complaining about the expense of sending artwork over there but I've done it before. It's difficult and pricey to deal with oil paintings on stretchers but watercolor on paper doesn't break the bank. It might be more of a big deal now because of the terrorism, but not the fees.
I told most of the people in my world and my close friends who received it wrote back their congratulations. I'm disappointed so many said nothing; to me this is a big deal and I made a kind of public announcement. I could say it proves I'm unlikable but that's only internal. My brain says that's bullshit. Of course, we run on our emotional selves and mine says I'm a social failure. I feel lucky I'm going to see my old therapist tomorrow and I can put this in her lap. I'll most likely walk out frustrated as I have on many past occasions but I'll try.



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