Saturday, March 01, 2008

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Knee, not the knights

Oops. Drunk. I'm drinking Spiced Rum like some people drink Coke. Seems like I can put it away and enjoy it. Not so great.
Painted all day. Been painting. Got two abstracts going. One, so far, is flowers. I like the purple and glad my dear daughter suggested using more than basic colors. I was just using my favorites. Even used the Rose, which I don't much like. The purple is beautiful though. Didn't get to use Cobalt Blue but I will. My knee hurt so much, my leg hurt, but while I was painting, I didn't notice. When I sat down to look at the paintings, I was really exhausted. I ate later. Just realized I drank beer with my Pastrami, Cole Slaw, and cheese, and then Spiced Rum. I'm okay though. Luckily, I'm sleeping again, so no drugs. Nothing helps the knee except the Tens, when it's on. Can I do Tai Chi tomorrow? I'll see. Might go with my bathing suit on so I can go swimming afterward. I like being in the water because my knee doesn't hurt then. Gotta get up early so off I go.



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