Monday, June 09, 2008

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Confused by Facebook & Anything That Isn't Immediately Obvious. Instructions? Nah!

Confused by Facebook & Anything That Isn't Immediately Obvious.
I'm so sorry I haven't been sending notes, answering notes and barely understanding the little flowers, pokes, and butterflies. I guess I'm missing stuff because I usually zone out watching TV--if there's anything I like--at night. I check email and stuff during the commercials. I still haven't finished fixing the links in my website or getting the new photos together of my two newest paintings.
I try to paint during the day, but it's getting harder and harder. I'm doing my water exercise class at least twice a week hoping for three times, I'll be walking one morning, and still going to Philly once a week. Now, I had to start PT too. I promised to volunteer at the Art Center and I'd kinda like to do more. I tried volunteering reading to little children, but didn't like seeing the miserable parents picking up their kids. If I could have volunteered early in the day, it would have been fine, but I'm a late bird.
I still haven't gone to get new glasses either. I will. Oh, not the canes either. I really don't have to make excuses, I just want you to know you're important to me and I haven't figured out facebook or My Space because I'm doing other stuff. And I'm really slow. I waste time. When I feed the outside kittens, I'm out there an hour playing with them or whatever. Mostly playing. I stand and look at my plants when I'm watering them or in between waterings. I read the newspapers too. I've been reading the Newark newspaper too, and it's different. The emphasis is different.
Well, tomorrow is the first walk & I've got to get moving toward the bed.
Parrot. Illustration for book by Cyndi & William.




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