Saturday, May 10, 2008

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Spelling and Politics

Wasn't she beautiful? I thought so. I also believe that frequently African-Americans have much better color than Caucasians. Well, I like color, especially the bronzey color some people have. Beautiful.
So, with that in mind, I can say Barack Obama, is not, in my mind, a good-looking guy. He needs a lot more hair to deal with those ears and his mouth is the size of Miami. However, I don't vote according to looks or rhetoric. He does rhetoric well. I would vote for one of my cats to get away from W and his party. I do think Obama is okay. He's an academic, and the fact that he's of African heritage will get the US some currency in Africa. His personal diversity is a huge plus for America. Seeing that the Shrub bankrupted our standing, our surplus, our economy, and our army, with Obama, there is nowhere to go but up.
I suspect political aspirations motivated Obama's church membership. That church is the place to be in Chicago. I don't imagine Reverend White's sermons were usually insanely paranoid. Regardless of many white people's belief that black people have made great gains, there is tremendous inequality and reason to be angry. It seems to me that often people who are not the targets do not see the discrimination. It's not really a case of being blind, some education is needed. Dialogue.
I was going on, but my critique of American intelligence can come later.



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