Sunday, May 18, 2008

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Kepping Up With All Those Blogs

These programs, like facebook, plaxo, my space, plus one other that's dedicated to me nuts. Actually, each one has good things and people I care about. I just don't have much time and I want to do everything. I've been painting almost all the time. The almost happened because my friend was visiting and our Philly trip was the next day. I think I had to paint at night the next day because Harry needed me to go with him to the doctor, and then we went to the Y, to the treadmills. I take a book and read while I walk or bike. I like that because I never have enough time to read. I go to bed late, sleep late, then aim for the easel. If I can. I love vegging out watching TV at night. And I write this stuff while I watch TV.
I'm not busier than when I worked. Then, even though I worked only three days a week in an office and could draw at my desk, I couldn't paint. And I hated to be there. I did have a studio and I painted, but my output was usually less. There is no comparison. The best thing...well, there are so many best things. It's a different, and better, life, even with arthritis and invisible problems growing in my arteries. Even with bursitis driving me slightly nuts.
I'm almost finished my mandala painting and my father and son in the garden is getting done too. Oh, if anyone reads this, I need other opinions. A friend of mine told me I should charge about $1200 a painting instead of maybe $350. He says people will value the paintings more and buy them. He thinks I'm selling myself short. I think selling them at reasonable prices helps them sell. The people who buy my paintings usually couldn't afford $1200. I think his argument is naive. Opinions? I think I may have at one time, had high prices on my work, but you know, I forget.
My Moon baby.




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