Sunday, June 08, 2008

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Soft-Shelled Crabs Nibbling At Our Toes

Soft-Shelled Crabs Nibbling at Our Toes
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That's Picnic Dancing. I gave that to charity and they raised money with it. So this is supposed to be about "the other side". Hmm. Well, they haven't been in touch lately. I talk to them every night, begging for their help with my eating. While no spirit has landed on the dining room table, I have begun to do better with my eating. Don't get me wrong. I've actually seen at least one spirit, literally been touched by them, and had them talk directly into my ear. I have wonderful lucid dreams spending time with my family too. It's important because I especially miss my cousin, who was virtually my older brother. It's the only way I can spend time with him. Anyway, I didn't mean to really write about this.
I made dinner today, which is very unusual. I made soft-shelled crabs. I have an excellent recipe given to me by my alcoholic evil sister-in-law. She's a good cook, and when she gave it to me, I didn't know what she really was. I'm kind of dull when it comes to seeing inside phony people. I'm not throwing around the word "evil" either. This is a woman who stole food money from our eighty-something year old mother in law. She did it for years and I believed my mother in law was hiding the money like my sister in law said. The truth was our mother in law was borrowing money from her neighbors to eat. This sister-in-law also, one night when she was probably drunk, threw pages and pages of racist hatred at my son's girlfriend. The girl was only sixteen and the stuff that woman threw at her was horrible. Later, the woman denied she did it, but I'd seen it on screen. The kids had wakened me because they were so upset, and I came downstairs at one in the morning to look at the crap on the computer monitor. Ugh and Feh.
Oh, well. Life is far from perfect. Actually, for most people, it's horrible. Even in America, we're just serfs with refrigerators and washing machines. We entertain ourselves and don't notice our legistlators stealing and chipping away at whatever freedom we were previously allowed. It's all bullshit, but I pray the populace doesn't elect McCain. Our nation is really hitting the skids with these guys. Nobody has to embrace Obama's policies, his philosophy, or anything. Doesn't it matter to people that our kids are getting killed in Iraq for no reason? Who cares what color Obama is? Or what Reverend Wright said? Do white people really think black people don't have grievances? Oh, well. I hope people don't even think about it and just vote against another four or eight years of the shrub.
When I look at my neighbors though, I hope they're not the typical voters. We're in trouble if that's true. When I worked, I noticed people didn't read the newspapers. They read the Daily News mostly, which was like reading the third grade newspaper with mob pictures. They made up what they didn't know. And worshipped the congressmen who kept them in jobs. Not me. I was Civil Service, but lots of those "workers" were political hacks paid out of the school district budget. Yes. That's true. Don't wonder where the book money went.
I don't know why I'm smiling in the picture. Things aren't that good, except for right here, in my house, and maybe yours. Our president is a psycho and most of our law makers have no morals and don't care about America or you. I don't care who any of them are in bed with, unless it's children or coercion. I care about this country, my family, friends, and me. That means I have to care about you too. I don't want to, but I can't have my rights if you don't have yours. Probably. Well, I hope Obama gets elected. We desperately need a semblance of sanity and the constitution in the White House and Congress. Having people who at least look different from W and his ilk will help our image and maybe get us through the doors back to diplomacy. W didn't believe in that, sorry. But that's how our nation got by and in a world so shrunken, we need it again.




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