Saturday, June 07, 2008

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its a mystery 2 me

That was a commission. They exist. For real. They're usually portraits. Okay, that was the job part. I am, at this moment, breathing in Autumn's beautiful golden fur. She's waiting to get back on my lap and get my full attention and pets. This typing is very annoying to her. She's patiently waiting until I put my arms down to get back to where she likes to be. She's my neurotic kitten with runny eyes. (The vet says she's okay.) She's presently exhausted. Her eyes are closing, she can't help it. She's losing her mom's belly time to this pesky machine. She likes the television machine, which offers moving pictures and mom's belly. Two good things. This is Autumn Time, and she knows it. If I don't get to the business at hand--her little head and body waiting--she's going to investigate the interesting objects on my desk. Oh, she's given up. Poor baby. Time for reading in the bathtub anyway. She'll come sit on the edge.





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