Sunday, April 06, 2008

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Living to Paint (and loving it)

That's The Birds. One was my daughter's Conyer and the other was one she worked with at the Philly Zoo. Birds are incredibly beautiful. So are cats and my little girl is climbing on me now. She just moved off because I had to lean forward to use the mouse, but she'll come back. She goes back and forth and I notice she's sleepy.
My tummy is big and full, certainly big enough for Autumn for sit on. I just ate, I guess, about a cup of spagetti with garlic, anchovies, and olives (with cheese). At 11:30 PM. I have a "procedure" tomorrow morning and I'm nervous, so I ate with the expectation that I wouldn't eat tomorrow. We'll see. I always eat.
I'm getting another epidural in my lower back. This time it's to deal with the pain radiating from my knee down. I kept off my feet today so I wasn't in much pain. I sat on my padded stool while I painted. I finally had to get up because my butte got numb. I like the painting I'm working on. I liked it yesterday when I'd sort of covered it in white. I'll still work on it, but it's virtually done. I hung the yellow one on the wall just to my riht. It makes me feel good. I love the texture, the yellows, golds and reds. All the colors and they're all there. Before I started the Funny Fine Art, I usually wasn't satisfied with my paintings. Especially my paintings. I got such a kick out of my funny paintings; I loved my drawings; and now, I love my paintings. They're not Rembrandt or Manet level. I don't have that kind of talent. I would use contemporary painters, but I can't tell how much talent they have. Even Alice Neel, but she was very good. Anyway, I did get to paint and that's what counts.
I also put the plastic wear, nested, into a huge plastic container. I had them in the sunroom and there is too much stuff in that room. We do a lot in there: plants; painting; relaxing; and kitty litter. It doesn't sound like much, but there are tools for each activity and it's not a large room.
I'm really tired. The weekends are busy. I hate for the weekdays to get busy again. Right now, I'm not swimming or doing Tai Chi and I love being home, painting. That's all I want to do. My body will fall apart though. My life is very easy, but, well, no but, I guess.




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