Thursday, October 27, 2005

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Another Fabulous Day

I've spent hours "fixing" the html/graphics on this blog. Fixing means, since I don't know html, kind of arranging, fiddling, fooling around, and writing in little messages until I'm satisfied. It doesn't look great, and I can't get the webring graphics right, but I'm okay with it all. I'm thankful for the help I got from a guy named Shawn who answered my appeal after apparently reading my blog. With his html, I was able to fix the major problems and get my links on here and I'm really happy for that. Really, I've gotten help from people all along on the web, from the beginning when I set up my website six years ago. I knew absolutely nothing about computers. I used to crash mine about every month and my son used to put it back together because he needed it for school. But he didn't know about websites and he was impressed that I persevered and ultimately built Originally, I did it on Hypermart, then I did one for erotic stuff on Globe, and finally I paid for a real host and I'm still there. I have to ship out a lot to Tripod and my husband's site because the pictures are heavy graphic files even when I cut them down. Especially when Windows XP on this "new" computer keeps folding and I have to reformat, losing all the little programs I used to trim the bytes of files. (With lupus, my memory is a memory.)
I am gradually fixing my website though. I still don't have my major ftp program back after about seven months, but I'm crawling along using Netscape composer. I don't feel like being bothered doing a lot of the stuff I should do, like trying to download a copy of that ftp program I paid for and actually still have the registration info for. Which is amazing since I lose everything. I lost all the cds for my drivers and most of my programs. I'm really good. I lose shoes, clothes, jewelry in addition to artwork. I feel bad about the artwork. At this point, there are a number of pieces I can't remember if I sold or if they're still here. Or somewhere.
I don't despair though about losing things; I'd be in deep depression if I did. I'm dependent on the computer, but not the cds. At least, I don't think so. And the rest of the stuff, well, that's my life.
I wonder where my kitten Moon is, and whether he and Bubba's cat, Pumpkin, are right now staring each other down. I don't hear any noise so maybe they're sleeping. Pumpkin zipped right out of here as soon as I put the medicine in his ear. And Moon sniffed the areas where Pumpkin had been sleeping and then he too vacated the room. Neither of them is commiserating with me about computers, or celebrating my blog being in good shape. I miss my dog.



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