Friday, October 07, 2005

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Brownie Time, then maybe painting time

I feel crappy today. Had to go back to taking another med that's problematic. Yuck. And had to get up early today for company. Additional yuck, but the good thing is at least, at three, I'm not just showered and dressed. I've read two newspapers, showered, dressed, eaten breakfast, and I'm ready to make brownies for tonight's company. Oh, and I wrote my note for my doctor from yesterday. That was a biggie. Have to fax that tomorrow on the way to see Rosie, the two-week old red female Maine Coon little sister for Moon. I've been looking at pictures of red Maine Coons and gee, they're pretty. Maine Coons are pretty anyway--very furry, and they leave a trail of what looks like dust bunnies. Only they're really fur bunnies. Without my glasses that I can't stand to wear anyway, I can't see them too well which suits me fine.
I'd really like to paint today... Maybe I can do something after I make the brownies which I hope take just a little time. I'm getting big-time help from a friend tonight for the computer. Therefore the brownies. I can't afford to eat the things and hafing them around is dangerous. I'm planning to freeze them immediately when he leaves or sooner and bring them out Wednesday night for the kids. They'll enjoy them. Jerry looked forlorn this week anyway because I hadn't baked any dessert when he was here for dinner. Brian didn't seem to care which is interesting, but diabetics--like me too--are incorrigeable. (sp?) Well, time for the brownies and maybe art in my spiffy new studio.



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