Thursday, October 27, 2005

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The ToothAche Fairy Buys at Thrift Stores

Today was a shopping day; I didn't work on here or paint. But I did buy at least five pairs of sweat-type pants for about $11. from the thrift store. NEWS FLASH: I just figured out what to do with the pretty light blue vase I bought there too--for $2.50. I bought it for hiding the toilet paper from Moon Kitten, but he pulled it out and had a ball, so obviously the vase isn't good for toilet paper. However, I think it will look perfect for cd makeup brushes and stuff I use for feminizing. Classy touch. (At this moment, Moon kitten has thrown poop onto the rugs here, with his fevered covering in the kitty litter I put out for visiting Pumpkin. Ugh. Tomorrow.)
So, back to the pants. They're my painting/neighborhood/freedom pants. Symbols of my doing--and dressing--whatever the hell I want. They're stretchy and completely inappropriate for a job or lady-like attire. I love 'em.



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