Sunday, October 30, 2005

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World Vacation Today Sunday October 30, 2005

Brian picked up an external hard drive for me and I was able to hook it up. I didn't follow his directions, instead I did exactly what the directions said, which made me feel safer even though it's gonna be less efficient. I think---I hope--I was able to put back in Print Shop, although I absolutely couldn't put in the expensive one I bought. The cd wouldn't 'catch' or whatever it's supposed to do. Later Brian managed to make the computer recognize the scanner and the camera. I think the kitten actually disconnected the scanner. And Brian thinks I should buy a new camera being an artist who uses the photos, but it does the job. (Although, I'm looking at the quality of the picture I put in here, and it's awful.) I also finished a picture which I like very much and maybe tomorrow I can put on the two I've finished. I love 'em.
I do blunder through my use of the computer; I don't have an overview or any type of understanding about how it functions internally. My math sucks, and two minutes into computer explanations, my mind has travelled somewhere else. I want to know; I want to be able to fix the glitches that invariably make me crazy on some Tuesday night at 1:30 AM when I'm trying to finish something for Wednesday. But I may as well throw in the towel because it isn't going to happen.
Sometimes we just don't have the capacity. It's like saying anyone can be President, or this is a free country. Oh, yeah: Justice is blind. Maybe sleeping too.
Anyway, I'm so grateful for Brian. His girlfriend Christina brought over pumpkin/apple muffins she made too. I filled a plate with them and never brought out the last three because we couldn't stop eating them. We had Cousin Jerry and daughter Honey to dinner. It's a shame Jerry never got into computers because he's a math person too and has an innate understanding of things like integrals and whatever makes these machines go. Jerry's a retired power engineer and he's like my big brother. He's the bearded guy in the painting I'm gonna put up. By the way, I sold this painting and never expected to. I jacked up the price and figured, who would want it anyway? It's my family. Then I couldn't refuse the money. So much for integrity.
As far as I know, nothing happened today outside my house. I did read the Philly newspaper but it went out the other ear. The only thing I noticed was the external hard drive advertisement. Everything else seemed to be rehashes or of no interest to me. Maybe I missed something. But nobody's going to care. It's been a good weekend; today was really fun.



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